10 Pawsome Things To Do For Your Doggo’s Birthday

10 Pawsome Things To Do For Your Doggo’s Birthday

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Our fur babies are a vital part of our families, and their birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate their lives and show them how much they are cherished and loved. We totally understand how much you want to make your little pooch feel special on their BIG day and we’re here for it! We’ve collated a bunch of cutesy and canine fun suggestions and recommendations to help you celebrate your four legged buds’ birthday in a super special way.

There’s no holding back when it comes to celebrating your BFFs birthday, after all it’s their birthday pawty and you better make it pawsome! Bring out all your affection and love and let your doggo creativity unleash itself already!


1. Throw Your Pooch A Birthday Bash: Celebrate your little one's birthday in a pooch-friendly way by inviting some of his pals and their pawrents over for a playdate and providing some dog-friendly snacks and toys. As a way to remember the occasion, you could also set up a photo booth with props and take pictures with all your canine buddies and their parents. Be sure to order a unique, canine-friendly birthday cake designed just for your dog to add even more joy to the celebration.


2. Take Your Pup on a Special Stroll: To commemorate the day, take your fur baby on a longer or different walk than normal. You and your pooch can go ahead and discover a brand new park. Your dog will enjoy this exciting experience, and it will be a wonderful way to bond and make memories. Do your share of research looking for new dog parks in and around your area, this will give your dog an opportunity to explore a new park as well as make new canine friends.


 3. Make The Switch To Human-Grade Dog Food: We want our pets to enjoy long, healthy lives as pet owners. Did you know that, in terms of our furry friends' health, all is not well? In dogs 10 years of age and older, the likelihood of cancer is over 50%. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of dogs live above the age of ten, and those that do are prone to get cancer.

Globally, the pet food market is oversaturated with highly processed food consisting of inferior components that cause obesity and dental problems before moving to life-threatening conditions like diabetes and cancer. Most pet owners are unaware of the fact that giving your pet highly processed dog food deficient in essential nutrients is similar to feeding them junk food like pizza and hamburgers all day long. STOP now and START feeding them only premium dog food in honor of their birthday.

With Blep food you can feed your doggo tasty, human-grade, in other words the best dog food filled with ingredients necessary for the healthy and long life of our furry friends. What’s convenient is that you can get your hands on Blep dog food online, delivered right at your doorstep.


4. Make Your Little Canine Baby Feel Special: Give your canine their preferred dog snacks or toy as a special doggie treat. You might even prepare them a special meal, such as homemade peanut butter and banana ice cream or a dog-friendly birthday cake. Many recipes that are designed specifically for dogs and are suitable for them to consume can be found online.


5. Pamper Your Doggo: Consider giving your dog a spa day for their birthday if they enjoy being pampered. Just like you enjoy an occasional massage, pamper sesh, so does your little pooch. You can bathe them, brush their hair, and massage them for relaxation. Not only will your dog feel special because of this, but doing so will also help improve their general health and wellbeing.


6. Take Your Pupper On An Adventure: Take your dog on an adventure or day trip to a new location. Your dog will find visiting new places fascinating and fun, whether it's a short and quick vacation to the beach, a spontaneous camping trip, or simply a visit to a new dog-friendly cafe. You can also consider pet-friendly Airbnbs with an attached lawn to let your pooch loose to enjoy themselves, roll around in the grass, play fetch and enjoy a carefree staycation with you and your family.


7. Book A Professional Photoshoot: Call in a professional photographer to capture the unique relationship you share with your dog. You can knock off image references from Pinterest or Google and build an album of memories. Pick and choose your favorite ones and frame them to display in your house. This could be done as a birthday tradition annually, collecting memories with your BFF every passing by year.


8. Longer Playtime And Training: If your dog enjoys playing and learning new things, you might want to set out extra long hours on their big day for them to play and receive training. You may use that time to work on teaching them new skills, play fetch, or work on their obedience training. This will not only be an enjoyable way to honor your dog's birthday, but it will also deepen your relationship with them and help them behave better along the way.


9. Make A Memory Book: To celebrate your dog's birthday and the memorable times you've had together, make a memory book or scrapbook. Include pictures, sentimental items, and comments on the personality and traits of your dog. You can also create a collection of their very first chew toy, their first ball and bring out that box of memories on their birthday. Trust us, you and your fur baby will cherish this memento for many years to come.


10. Volunteer Together And Donate: If your dog enjoys being around people and other animals, think about helping out at a nearby animal shelter or pet rescue group. You may improve the lives of other animals by spending the day playing and consoling them with your dog. You can also take your pooch along and make donations of pet food and new toys, after which you can take your birthday buddy for a long drive and spoil them with a new toy as well. This will help other animals in need and express your gratitude for the excellent companion they are.

The most crucial aspect of any birthday celebration for your dog is to spend time with them and express your affection for them. No matter if you're having fun, exploring, or just unwinding. Your little fur baby unconditionally loves and showers your family with unmatched loyalty, and so when it’s their special day why hold back? It’s time to repay them and shower them with oodles of love, doggy-approved treats and gifts.


Always remember: There is nothing more special for your dog than spending valuable time with you. So, even if you can’t do much on their special day because of some reason, simply spending dedicated time with your little pooch is the key. You can cuddle up and watch a movie, take your pooch for a quick swim at a dog-friendly pool, take the pledge and make the switch to feeding them only good quality dog food that will ensure your pet lives a healthy, long life.


For those who don’t really know what date is your furry friend’s birthday, it can be totally up to you. You can celebrate them on the day you adopted them or schedule a date as per your liking for your little pooch’s birthday. Either way, they would appreciate and celebrate it with complete excitement without a doubt.

Happy Birthday To Your Special One!