About Us

We know the secret to our pets' happy and long life starts with what we serve in their bowl. Our unconditional love for pets drives us to make the best-suited products for them. We are starting this mission with what we put in their bowl.

Unfortunately, the Indian pet food market is dominated by foreign manufacturers supplying over-processed food with inferior ingredients.

We have been pet parents for two decades, and we understand your commitment to your fur babies. We know how vital a nutrient-filled diet is for the overall well-being of our pets.

At Blep, we ensure our pet food is power packed with essential nutrients keeping in mind the requirements of your dog. We use only human-grade ingredients, and our products are free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

We will never put anything in your pet's stomach that we would not feed our own. Fur babies promise!

Dedicated to our beloved Rangoli, Scooby, Sultan, Max & the many babies we have and will meet during the journey of Blep.

Research shows that the ingredients used along with our unique cooking method can increase your pup's life by up to 3 years.

Some of the real benefits of feeding Blep food are

Increased Energy

Weight Management

Shinier Coat

Less Smelly Poop

Improved Digestion

Our Story

It began with Max

It began with Max

Max is our beloved pup who loves his squeaky toys and likes to play with his feeding bowl as if it’s his toy car. Max developed gastric issues at a young age, leading to weight gain and impaired mobility. We tried all possible brands in the market, yet nothing seemed to work.

The revelation of food ingredients

The revelation of food ingredients

After consulting multiple vets, we decided to cook meals for Max at home after looking at food ingredients in a traditional food bag. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. The food smelled and looked visibly better. Max's gastric issues disappeared overnight. He lost the extra weight and jumped with renewed energy for his squeaky toy.

The road ahead

The road ahead

We then got together and decided to build a company we wished existed for Max. We are new, but our experience goes a long way, and we are guided by our limitless love for furry friends.

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