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As pet parents, we want to see our pets live long and healthy lives. We are willing to go that extra mile to ensure our pets are happy.

However, did you know all is not well when it comes to the health of our furry friends?

Per a five-year study by a UK agency, there has been a 900% increase in diabetes in cats and dogs. This research looked at 9,000 animals, showing that cat diabetes increased by 1,161% and 850% in dogs between 2011 and 2016. This hike in diabetes is far more significant when compared to humans and needs our immediate attention. (

Another report by PetObesityPrevention.Org indicates that more than 50% of pets are overweight.

Things become scarier when we look at cancer in dogs. Dogs have the highest rate of cancer compared to all mammals. The probability of cancer in dogs aged ten and above is almost 50%. Sadly, a small proportion of dogs live beyond ten and whoever survives is likely to develop cancer.

Why is this happening?

Globally, the pet food industry is crowded with super-processed food made up of substandard ingredients that lead to dental diseases and obesity, further progressing to life-threatening illnesses like diabetes and cancer. A fact-less known to most pet parents is that feeding your pet super processed food that lacks the necessary nutrients is equivalent to providing junk, such as pizzas and burgers, throughout the day, all year round.

Why do we say so?

The so-called premium and big brands make food from ingredients not fit for human consumption. The crunchiness in pet food is due to high starch levels, directly leading to weight gain and diabetes. This food is processed at a very high temperature, killing the nutrients and increasing the presence of carcinogens in pet food.

Sounds shocking right?

How BLEP saves the day?

That's why we decided to first come up with food that will be tasty but filled with ingredients necessary for the healthy and long life of our pets.

We only source human-grade ingredients. Our meat is sourced from certified companies & our vegetables are directly sourced from the farmers to ensure quality. We are also using rocket science (BLEP food is prepared via techniques used to cook food for astronauts), i.e., retorting method to cook the food.

Before you go, remember to share this with your friends. We look forward to feeding your pet daily.

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